Thursday, July 19, 2012

Abandoned Art In The Arms of A Pirate

I am having a lot of fun with this Art Abandonment idea and looking forward to my next one. It is quite entertaining to be skulking around with a piece of art that is tagged with information about the Art Abandonment project, knowing you are going to do an ArtDrop in a stealthy manner so that no one sees you.

Yesterday this ACEO magnet found its way into the arms of a pirate in an indoor galleria mall in Georgetown, SC.  He was waiting in the hallway at the door of a shop there.  AAAArrrrgggghhhhh!  I wonder who would have had the nerve to pluck it out of his arms.  I hope someone found it who was very, very brave.

We are on the road right now and working our way slowly northward.  This makes it even more fun.  Today we spent the afternoon along the beaches around Wilmington, NC.  It was very windy, but nothing actually blew away surprisingly enough.  I am amazed the the pretty little beach umbrellas stayed in place.  Didn't see even one of them go flying off!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Abandonment

My first Art Abandonment "ArtDrop"
a "Palm In Paradise" Limited Edition ACEO Magnet
I am going to abandon some of my art.  Really.

I'm getting ready to find a creative place, take a picture of a piece of my art in this location, leave a brief note and walk away for the first time.  This is called Art Abandonment.  If you're on Facebook, you can drop in and read all about it here:

I first became aware of this group a week or so ago when I read another person's blog post, Etsy artist Stacey Merrill of Artsnark .  She had abandoned a piece, and then another and another within five miles of where I'm sitting right now.  I'm curious about who might have found her artwork, and thought this was a nice thing to do for the sake of art and for others, and decided to join in the fun.  You can find Stacey's blog here: .  The initial post about Art Abandonment was June 17th.  Go have a look, but please come back!

I started this post last night, but today at lunch I made my first "ArtDrop".  I left one of my ACEO Limited Edition magnets in the decorative fishnet handicap parking marker at Dockside Dave's in Madeira Beach.  The sign was decorated so great already, I just added my little decorator ArtDrop.  I hope someone finds it.  It would be really fun to hear what happens, how they came to find these pieces, and where and how they used them!!!
This is the site of my first "ArtDrop" at Dockside Dave's in Madeira Beach
As I'm writing this, the internal voice in my head has changed to what sounds very much like a TV reporter keeping his voice very low, so that no one will overhear.  LOL.

Happy finding!  Coincidentally, as I was making my ArtDrop, I made my first sale of an ACEO magnet in my shop on Etsy, and I love the happenstance of this.  It's pretty cool!

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