Monday, May 26, 2014

Pretty Party Tempered Glass Cutting Board

As a test, I ordered a tempered glass cutting board when it was on sale on Zazzle to see how the design would look in person.  It came from my large watercolor collage called "Chaos." This product was thrilling to see!  It is so pretty.  The little bits of confetti cuttings from an old watercolor painting that made up the collage look like little jewels through the glass.  The rust and cobalt blue design looks gorgeous against the backdrop of cream from the underside of the cutting board.  It looks so festive, and it just looks like a party is happening.  So I changed its name to "It's A Party."  Click on the link below to see.

It's A Party

Abstract Art Rust and Blue Glass Cutting Board  is available in my Zazzle store now.

This cutting board would make a great wedding gift or housewarming gift. I am going to keep this one, and I look forward to using it at our next festive gathering.

 The following is a link to my store on Zazzle.  I am still learning how to use Zazzle, so I it's a bit of a work in progress.*

Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Have You Ever Wondered What ACEO means?

In this day new abbreviations are popping up like weeds. They are used for lots of things that, unless you're in the know, you don't know what in the world it means. There are remedies for medical conditions with abbreviations used in television advertisements like COPD or ED. I found they abbreviate cat breeds like DLH or DSH in the kitty's vet records. Abbreviations are commonly used for organizations, because without shortening, I guess the names are just way too long to fit in a blank space on some form or another. These are things like CIA, FBI, ALPA or YMCA. You get the idea. Anything can abbreviated to express, I guess, someone's displeasure with saying or writing the whole thing out.
Poppy Letter

ACEO is one of these abbreviation "thingys" that has come to mean art of a certain size. To be an ACEO, the art must be exactly 2 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches (64 mm × 89 mm). ACEO stands for Artist Cards, Editions and Originals. It's known by the acronym, ACEO. Artists began with trading small samples of their work with one another, often through the mail. Then they were known as ATC (or Artist Trading Card), and they still are. There was no money exchanged; they were simply traded between artists. Then, somewhere along the way, they became popular with people who did not make art, and a price began to be charged when there was nothing with which a non-artist could reciprocate the trade, other than money. Because they were no longer just traded, another abbreviation was born to express the amount an artist would charge for an artist card - ACEO. ACEOs began to appear in online auctions such as eBay. The more an artist is collected, the higher the value of the card goes.
Leaves On The Move
An ACEO can be created of almost any medium an artist can produce in this size. They are the same size as baseball cards, and they can be collected in the standard size sleeves or sheets available at art or office supply stores (and other locations). They can be matted, framed and hung as a single piece or in a collage arrangement with similar sized miniature works of art. They can be used for scrapbooking. They can also be used as a refrigerator decoration. I'm sure there are other uses also.
What, you might ask is an Edition? This refers to a reproduction or print of an original artist card. If the Edition is a Limited Edition, it is numbered by the artist to express how many likenesses are going to be created of a certain piece of work. You then would see something that looks like this (75/500) on the card which means that card is number 75 in an edition of 500. If, however there is no number, it generally means it is an Open Edition. Open Edition means that the artist could make an unlimited number of copies (reproductions or prints) as in thousands, millions, etc.

To be an Original is much more valuable because it is "the one" that the artist created for the first time with his or her own hands. It is an original, but not necessarily one of a kind (OOAK). If the description reads "Original OOAK" or "OOAK", it means that the artist is saying that this creation is the only one of its kind that will ever be created, or that is permitted to be duplicated by law.

I have scattered some of my original ACEOs throughout this article. All of them are currently available in my Etsy store DreamON .

I hope this helps define what an ACEO is for those who might still be wondering. Enjoy!

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