Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Cards and Computer Flu

I have been in the process of making Christmas cards, and I actually did get as far as printing three different designs on glossy photo paper before the computer had to go to the computer hospital. And, yes of course, it was expensive and it still doesn't quite work right yet!!!! It also made the Christmas card project grind to a halt while I waited for the machine to be fixed.

Anyway, back to the cards - I am going to cut the four-up printed sheets apart and glue the individual images to the cards. The cards also have to be printed with the inside message and the "who-done-it" information on the back.

I thought when I painted the images while I was still traveling that I would be ahead of the season, but instead the joke's on me. Hello! Don't you just love computer jokes!


Gifts of Creation said...

I like your cards and your blog!!
I am near JAX fl and just started on etsy in June.
check out my blog..

DreamON said...

Gifts of Creation, thank you! and thanks for the link.

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