Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fallout of Poor Economy and Flourish Boutique On CNN

Through my Etsy shop, about a year ago I was contacted by Vanessa Cooreman-Smith of Flourish Boutique & Gallery in South Bend, Indiana. She had had a life-long dream of owning her own business, and it was coming to fruition later that year. She was interested in certain artists who fit into her concept. To make a long story short, I sent her some of my artwork, and she put it into her store. When we were on the road home from our trip last fall, my husband and I stopped in and met her and saw Flourish Boutique in person.

This is a segment of an email I received earlier this week:

"Dear Mary,
FLOURISH is on today!
Last week, I filled out an i-report on on how the changing economy is impacting my life and business. I was then contacted and interviewed, for the story that is now on Click below to read the full story, on how my husband Stephen and I are working to achieve our dreams despite the economy."

The story has apparently solicited so many comments that CNN decided to feature Vanessa and her husband today live on CNN. This is from an email I received late yesterday:Flourish Boutique & Gallery
We will be on CNN TV Live Tomorrow (Sat 2/7/09)
at around 10:35 am

Tune in to hear more about our personal story!
CNN will be broadcasting our 4 minute live interview from the studios at ND. Our story is one in an ongoing series on how the changing economy is impacting families and small business owners around the country.

Wondering Why we are sharing our story, or want to hear more straight from me?
Click here to read my blog:

Vanessa Cooreman Smith
Flourish Boutique & Gallery

Steve talked about the value of having attended sessions of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, a program for learning about the importance of reducing debt-load and advocating everyone's need to get out of debt. The two of them talked not only about how the economy has affected their businesses (Steve's a Realtor), but also the personal sacrifices Americans are beginning to make to mitigate their increasing financial woes. Vanessa talked about the changes she has made to the lines of clothing she carries in her store, and how she hopes that will be reflected in sales.

I wish them the very best! The success of small businesses is the lifeblood of our country, because big business has show an amazing lack of fiscal responsibility and planning.

The way I see it, jobs are critical to this economy. People will stop buying if they are not employed. Companies should be rewarded for putting American people to work, not just for their existence, and especially not because they have gotten themselves into trouble by over-compensating executives who thrive on cheating everyone they can. Companies seeking cheaper production costs and sending our jobs overseas has put Americans in real peril. Our government is borrowing against the future and dispersing money like rain. And this makes sense how?

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Vanessa Cooreman Smith said...

Hi Mary;
Thank-you for your support and kindness, as well as being a part of our store. One thing that has been clear to me over the past few days as I have done teh CNN interviews and whatnot, is that I am so incredibly lucky to be associated with the designers and artists I have in my is wonderful to be supporting other, like minded, hard-working women in such a hard time...I think my customers know and appreciate that they are directly supporting families by purchasing at our store too. I am confident that we will all get through this, and I am determined to make my store work no matter what it takes, LOL:) Again thank-you for your support and well wishes:) Talk to you soon!

Warm regards, Vanessa

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