Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texture is fun, but more than that the added dimension it adds to a painting is becoming to me like putting salt and spice on my food.

The textures that can be added to every kind of two-dimensional media vary, but more and more I am looking at texture as a necessity rather than an addition to a painting. In this first example entitled Music For Martinis, texturing the background happened before the idea of the painting was hatched.

In this next example, He Gave Me Flowers some of the background texturing happened as the abstract still life was being painted, but much of it was created after the fact.

The two examples are used to show that texture can happen at any stage of a painting to add interest and excitement to the artwork.

For added information about either painting, you may want to click on the images to read more.

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Barbra joan said...

So glad I found your blog and enjoying it .. reading some of your older blogs and paintings. Very interesting, informative and and really like your art.I live in Florida , have a blog and am in Etsy. I've bookmarked you but can't find your follow button.

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