Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things I Love - No. 6 - Creativity!

Everything that exists, exists because of creativity!  It isn't just inventors or scientists, artists or composers or singers. We all have the creative spark, maybe not in all areas, but every single person has it.  Creativity is special and wonderful, and admirable.

Whoever came up with the painted rock or the jellybean or the cell phone, microwave or wireless outdoor speakers? How did the tooth fairy ever exist without tooth fairy pillows to slip the payment into? How did the flameless candle come about? Who invented upcycling? There are just so many wonderful creative things that have been turned into a new thing with an entirely new life and usefulness to a new generation of people.

A couple of interesting and creative finds:

A Means of Saving Too Short Skirts

Replacement For The Boring Light Switch Cover

I love creativity!

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