Thursday, February 11, 2016

The End

I signed into my blog today for the first time in more than two years!  I had no idea just how long ago it had really been - just that it had been quite a while.

I was thinking maybe I would maybe write a post, but instead I have decided to end it - the blog, that is.

When I first started posting, I was starry-eyed, a brand new Etsy shop owner at DreamON.  I discovered someone in the Forums on Etsy who was doing a 90 posts in 90 days challenge.  This challenge was to promote shops within the group, and decided I it would be fun to discover other Etsy shops, beneficial to learn how to do a blog, and also to use the blog to promote my own shop.  I learned so much in that first year of my Etsy shop, 2007. It was very exciting to be doing all of this online stuff.  Learning how to do this blog was the biggest benefit of this 90-day challenge, I think.

I enjoyed that challenge, and I did learn a lot.  I have no idea if my posts on this blog helped the others. It really didn't help my shop. What it did was to completely take the focus off the reason I started the blog in the first place, which was to promote my own shop and increase visability.

When the 90 days were over, I started finding out what it was to post to a blog - a grind.  I was a pretty regular poster for a long time.  Then one day, I looked around and realized that there were virtually no comments being made.  I thought, "Why am I doing this if nobody sees it?"  I started to be less regular, and less regular, and finally it tailed off to where I couldn't think of anything to say, and I forgot about it.

Since that time, I have done a Facebook page, joined Pinterest and Zazzle, done some work with Craftori until it turned into Craft Noodle. ? (Why, I wonder, that name? ) and plodded along with my Etsy shop.

I guess, although I have learned a lot, that there is so very much still to learn, but I am ending this chapter of the book, counting it as just another lesson learned.

Today, I am ending the blog.  It's done.

Here is where I have an online presence:  DreamON on Etsy, MHamiltonArt on Zazzle, on Pinterest at Mary Hamilton  and on Facebook at MaryHamiltonArt (when you're signed in).  Please visit me there for new developments in the world of my art.  Thank you!

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