Friday, July 4, 2008

A Single Gull on the Fourth of July

Sometimes I feel like a single girl in my own house. I'm alone in my art room creating or working on the computer or something. There's a ball game on in the livingroom and therefore a complete other zone. Go Rays! Nothing against baseball. The kids next door are playing with poppers in eager anticipation of tonight's fireworks, I'm sure. So the Single Gull and I have much in common. We're alone in our world - kind of.

A Single Gull is a watercolor I painted yesterday while I was Gallery-sitting at the Artists' Guild Gallery in Holmes Beach. She is 7.5 x 7.75 inches on Arches Watercolor Paper using Yarka watercolors. These are my "travel" paints which are very compact and have a lid that comes off and doubles as a palette. These paints are intense colors which come in pan form.
For more information on A Single Gull click on it's name.

Happy Birthday USA! Time to say thank you to our founding fathers for conceiving the Declaration of Independence and coming up with such a document while leaning heavily on the model for the theory of social compact in John Locke's Two Treatises of Government. It is a good time to reflect and give thanks to God for these 232 years since that document was hammered out and signed.


Ali said...

lovely painting - the gull looks like it's lost in it's thoughts - very peaceful!

Nancy said...

Love this painting! So glad I found your blog!

luluvillage said...

Beautiful, so present, so alive, totally in the moment...

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