Thursday, January 22, 2009

Results: Two Days Well Spent

This was my painting that I produced on day one of Mark Polomchak's Bradenton workshop. These colors are difficult to adjust from the painting to the photograph and then to the screen, but probably as close as I can get them. As I said in the previous post, I was amazed at how well all of the paintings turned out - a tribute to the instructor's tried and true techniques, clear instructions and so forth.

This was my painting which was done on the second day. I had really messed up the sky, trying to be cute with clouds and blurring the horizon, but a little scrubbing and airbrushing made it turn out looking amazing, thanks to Mark. I was coming down with a cold, and on my own probably would have abandoned painting for the day, just chalking it up to one of those days that painting doesn't go too well. I am glad I was at the workshop and ended up sticking with it.

These are workshop paintings, and neither will be for sale. I think I'll keep 'em.


Sinje Ollen said...

Lovely work. Nice background on the blog, too (I have the same :-))

Nancy said...

Beautiful paintings! Don't you just love it when a workshop makes you feel like you've done something great!

Carol said...

I want you 'studio'! I can't think of anything better than sitting in the sand, painting! Your work is refreshingly vibrant and beautiful!!

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