Friday, January 23, 2009

This Describes It

OK, so now I've managed to have an asthma attack; my first one ever, and it has not been any fun at all. After about 12 hours of coughing and really sensing that I could not get a good breath, I had my hubby take me to the E-room. They told me I had bronchitis and that since I have asthma, it couldn't be distinguished from an asthma attack, so for about the next three hours in the early morning today, I was stuck, x-rayed, wired for EKG and hooked up to a breathing machine. I much prefer sleeping!

So I looked around my files for a painting that describes the ucky feeling. I came up with this one, whose real title is Brain On Martinis. Of course, had it been martinis, it would have been more fun, and it wouldn't have lasted so long or worn me out to this extent. This painting is acrylic on a CT-scan of some disgusting body part or other. I have no respect for the films, especially not tonight. OK, and now photos aren't loading, and this post needs the visual. OK, I got it to load.

Anybody else have experience with this asthma thing, and how do you know when you need help? Because 12 hours is probably way too long to wait, I think.

1 comment:

helena said...

i hope you're feeling ok now?

my fiance had a series of coughs once...and it was just so after another...and he was choking as well in his sleep. We went to the doctors and pharmacy but they just gave simple cough medicine.

Then we thought it could have been bronchitis or suspected iwhooping cough because he was really making those whooping sounds.

It took him 3 months to get over it..but yeah, most likely he got it from a simple chill which then spread.

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