Wednesday, November 21, 2007

90-Day Challenge Feature of the Day

Today's featured Etsy Shop comes with a fabric-covered assortment of fiber-filled fluff over wire armatures. Introducing Backwoods Creations. MaryAnn has been a crafter since childhood and is always coming up with bright new ideas. Check out the shop and her blog which are filled with cute things.

As I look at the adorable Feral Feline Series of art dolls belonging to MaryAnn Anderson of Backwoods Creations , I am trying to figure out if I’ve been totally spoofed and if Hortense Beignet, founder of Friends of Feral Felines of Central Maine is a real person, or if she is a “filament” of the seamstress’ imagination along with the kitties. (Each one of the kitties has a story on its description page that you have to read.)

So, being literal led me to google the Feral Felines thing. There is a real organization based in Portland which has the following quote on it’s website, “In January 1993, a dozen people met at a restaurant and formed the "Friends of Feral Felines." The stated goals were to aid feral cats by neutering and returning them to established colonies, taming kittens for placement, and finding barns of other sanctuary for unadoptable adults who had to be relocated. In the past fourteen years we have fulfilled these goals and come to the aid of approximately 300 feral cats each year throughout southern Maine.”

At any rate, MaryAnn, who has 2 dogs and 2 cats in real life, qualifies as a passionate animal lover, belonging to Etsy For Animals which donates a percentage of the sales of selected items to charities. Her creations are described as small and intimate, speaking to the emotional attachments that give everyday life meaning. Her materials of choice are fabric and collage mixed media (anything she can get her hands on). Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most elegant. However there is a tongue in cheek quality that comes out in her fabric sculptures. You can find these creations at or on


Giftbearer said...

I enjoed reading the background about the Feral Cats that inspired these sculptures. This artist is in my favorites. I love the expressiveness of her cats!

MaryAnn said...

Thanks for the lovely feature. There is a Feral Feline Charity as you have read. However mine is a figment of my imagination. With all the cats I make there had to be a story line or else be known as the cat lady.

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