Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Items From My Etsy Shop

One thing I can say from my (only recently begun) attempt at putting my artwork online is that I am learning a whole lot of new and exciting things. That is one benefit I had not even begun to project when I started the adventure. Also with the advent of my blog, I have become a journalist. Oh, my mother-in-law would be so proud of me (if she had a computer and knew how to turn it on). This is because she has been faithfully keeping a diary since she was 12 years old. One day we will know exactly what she thought about all of us -- good or bad.

Today, as part of my learning experience in dragging myself kicking and screaming into present day computer technology, I am going to see if I can accomplish showing items from my Etsy shop in the blog. So hear goes. You're along for the ride, but please don't laugh so loud I can hear. OK?

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My Workspace
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