Monday, November 12, 2007

Clues About Tipped Martini Glasses

Martini glass overturned on black metal table. So what happened? Did Miss Scarlett do it in the Library or was Mr. Plum responsible? What other clues are there? Manilla envelopes, a pile of papers with folders and brochures. Was someone going on a trip? Leaving the country?

Today, I guess was do a still-life day. I feel like I have been standing still all day. I had plans to spend two hours on a small painting, spend two hours on a craft for a Holiday sale, and spend two hours on an unfinished larger painting about poppies. It's getting dark, and I've just completed the small painting. Yay!

Martini glass empty. This acrylic painting is 6 x 8. More nformation about the painting can be found on my Etsy site, .

Please vote in the survey. Five more days.

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