Monday, November 19, 2007

Vanessa Kimball Is Highlighted Etsy Shop

Today, I am featuring the Etsy shop of Vanessa Kimball .

Funny thing, I just got home from the paper store, and began looking at Vanessa's shop and her blog ( ) to get background information. (In a few seconds you will see why I bother to talk about the paper store.) Now I could easily spend an hour in a paper store, walking up and down the aisles looking, touching, perusing, etc. So today when I was there, an employee asked me if he could help me find anything, so I said that I was looking for A2 envelopes. He went right over and picked up the box, and said, "Anything else?" I actually was feeling a bit cheated from the fact that I now had no excuse to wander the aisles and drool over the papers. Darn!

So I'm home now and looking at Vanessa's shop. Lo and behold, this girl knows about paper!!!!

She has some of the most fabulous color combinations of inks on cards and envelopes that I ever saw. The envelopes compliment the cards to a "tee." But that's just the start, because her designs rock, and in addition to her holiday line, she has some Etsy banner designs that are ready to be customized for some lucky user.

She has wonderfully unique cards for the season that make you wonder what kind of cool stuff she'll have after Christmas in her shop.
So check it out for yourself.

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Giftbearer said...

The red font is really hard to read. What I was able to make out looks interesting but maybe if you made it bold and/or enlarged the print it would be easier to see on that black background. The blue font in the earlier post is much more visible for some reason.

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