Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Featuring Darjeeling Paper, Ltd.

Wow! I'm still on my paper trip! I couldn't believe it when I looked up Darjeeling Paper. I must have been dreaming when I thought I left the paper store yesterday. Now I know I have been wandering around there for two days in places I've never been before. What a treat!

Michael Gresh, a self-proclaimed paper fanatic, is the proprietor of this interesting shop which features brightly-colored notecards which come in a 4-pack, soft and hard-covered journals, an address book, and even paint-chip holders for your biz cards! Very clever.

The address book features acid-free paper, and each lettered section has room for about 40 entries and was designed from scratch. The front has an interchangeable nameplate and an India postage stamp. The book's handbound.

What a cute idea - the paint-chip business card holders are. Imagine pulling the fun, pulling this case out of your bright-colored designer bag.

Michael started Darjeeling Paper, Ltd. as a way to fine-tune his skills and try out new techniques, all while getting out there and presenting his works to the world. From the looks of his shop and blog, he's a Pro. To find Darjeeling Paper, Ltd., just look for http://darjeelingpaper.etsy.com and http://darjeelingpaper.com/blog.


MaryAnn said...

Well done feature. Love his work too!

Cathy said...

Some beautiful paper based products! Thanks for sharing :)

SilverShadow Designs / BerryPatchDesigns said...

Cool items! Very nice feature, too :)

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