Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Capture the Essence of Brazil

Brazilian sisters now living in Germany, Suzy Wortberg and Bebê de Soares, are the owners of ContasBrasil and ContasKoeln.
The ContasKoeln Etsy shop offers beautiful beads and supplies, and ContasBrasil is the source for their luscious jewelry. Suzy’s best friend Ana Paula Vilas Boas who lives in Brazil, adds an additional pair of jewelrymaking hands to the enterprise, and just recently Sandra Fukelmann has added her unique doll bags. In 2007 they opened a shop in Cologne which became the only place in Germany to sell ContasBrasil jewelry and Sandra's doll bags.

The following statement in their Etsy storefront gives the viewer a feel for the mood produced by their products. "To be BrazilianLiving in a tropical paradise surrounded by stimulating colors and brightness. Keeping alive the joy and spontaneity of a child. CONTASBRASIL wants to bring the unique feeling of living in Brazil to every corner of the world.Exotic, joyful and irresistible. Impossible not to be enchanted by the colors and shapes of Brazil." Makes me want to see what Brazil is all about! Love the jewelry! Go and visit their shops.


Bebê de Soares said...

Thank you dear!! Most lovely article!
All the best,

cserpentDesigns said...

Aren't their designs just wonderful!

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