Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Focus: Elle Belle on Etsy

This shirt just did it for me. I had to order it. I hear constant comments like, "Are you Etsying again?" and, it never fails, I've just logged in when he (supportive husband friend, man) appears out of nowhere. This is just perfect. Actually I think my daughter needs one too. They both seem "jealous." Don't you just love it?

Stacey, one of the collaborators of shop EllebelleonEtsy describes this item as, "The embroidered Etsy Widower shirt for all those neglected but supportive husbands. I'll personalize it with your shop's site on the back and can do the "Etsy" in Etsy orange (an idea I had after I made this one) if you'd like. Men, I wouldn't leave you out... I can make an Etsy Widow shirt for your neglected one as well." As it turns out Stacey has Ann, Tressie, Jenniferc and Karie as co-coolaborators in this shop. Each has a few items they make to contribute to the success of the shop.

According to Stacey, "Elle Belle is the place to find handmade, boutique quality baby items that make being a Mom easier and more fun!"
This is great! Wish I had had one of these. Your adorable little baby would never come in contact with all the grossness the last little germbag left behind. This crafty cover is reversible and expandable to fit the largest shopping carts or the nasty, sticky highchairs provided by restaurants.

Elle Belle says "their rings sling are different than most slings you'll find on the market." They are made with less bulky material which makes them more baby and mom friendly. The pleated shoulder helps the fabric spread out across your shoulder and back which distributes baby's weight more evenly, and the light weight aluminum rings are made specifically for slings, they've been tested to hold up to 200 lbs (makes me wonder what kind of "baby" she wore around her neck to check this out. Sorry. ). Included is a sheet of instructions which describes the five different positions you can use to wrap your little one securely in the Elle Belle sling. Stacey provides her email address if you need some one-on-one help."

Great products. Check Elle Belle out at these sites.

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