Saturday, December 15, 2007

Creative Sundries Offers Vintage & Much More

Creative Sundries is a creative blend of old and new. Vintage items such as jello advertisements or playing cards, Mexican Ioteria items, etc. to create another item. The example at left is based on a Ioteria card collaged onto a blue notecard and making use of sparkly vinyl.

The principals of Creative Sundries are a mother(Carol) and daughter (Sarah) who are proud members of the Etsy Minnesota Team. Says Sarah, "They love to create jewelry, collages, crocheted items, and fun things with paper. Their newest projects include needlefelting--Sarah is making coin purses and small animals--and soapmaking. They are inspired by children's natural creativity; nature; hedgehogs; panda bears; old games; vintage papers; antique photographs; art supplies; fellow artists and crafters... so many things! "

This item is a repurposed American Airlines tray with a decoupaged Milles Bourne card as a background inserted with a coin as the background. So, is American Airlines still looking for their trays in order to provide food to their passengers. I always wondered why we just get pretzels now!!!!!!!!

To the right is a pair of earrings made from fuses, yes fuses!!!! Who ever would have thought of that? Very Clever!

Check out all the vintage and vintage transformations at Creative Sundries. They can be found at : and

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creativesundries said...

Mary, thank you so much for the awesome feature!

Noooooo, American Airlines is not still looking for their trays, lol!!! I got these from a surplus stock since the airlines aren't using them for meals anymore. Interestingly, though, airlines in Brazil still serve a nice meal served in little plastic reusable trays. Just another reason to travel internationally!! :-)

Thanks again!

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