Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kreative Mindz Run Wild in Ohio

Aly was born and raised in a home of artists. She says, "My mother a painter, and my father a photographer. As kids we always were doing some sort of "project". This has continued for me thoughout my life, dipping my hands in all sorts of creative "projects". I found my nitch in sewing. I LOVE creating different things. I picture it in my mind and then it is my "gift" I suppose. And I enjoy working with the different fibers to see what can be done with them."

Look at the creativity run wild in these funky purple capris! They are fully lined and have four pockets and this incredible blue, green and purple swirly batik fabric used for the cuffs, side panels, waist and pockets.

Before our son lived in the Cincinnati area, I had an entirely different picture of the area, primarily due to an old Neil Simon movie about this hokie, quite naive couple from Ohio who got robbed and had all kinds of bad experiences once they got to the big city (New York). After exploring the area a little bit, however, I know there are many "uniquenesses" to appreciate, not the least of which are the many opportunities that the area offers young families with kids. Yes, there are ladybugs and cicadas and Queen Anne's Lace and lush green lawns that seem to cover acres, but Cincinnati itself is a diverse, interesting city with lots of things to discover. And. . .this picture brings back memories of exploring Cincinnati/Dayton territory.

If you've ever owned a hot pack that you can pop into the microwave and use to soothe a spot that's hurting, you know just how wonderful that can be. Kreative Mindz has gone a step further and provides theirs with a removable cover

How cool is that? Now, when the thing gets dirty, you don't have shudder when you use it that one last time before you toss it out. You just wash it! Smart thinking KreativeMindz.

KreativeMindz started a few years ago (a dream Aly says she's had forever). Aly and Beau are a husband and wife team, supporting each other through love, laughter and creativity, working with their two children ages 9 and 2 alongside. An-G is one of Aly's best friends, who is a wonderful seamstress and enjoys sewing in her free time, when she isn't being a vet :). An-G is living in Columbus, where she just graduated from vet school(WHOOHOOO!!!). She is currently engaged to be married next summer! :) She has been sewing a long time as well, learning some from her mother and some from herself. Beau makes wooden keepsake boxes for storing jewelry and all kinds of treasures.
One other thing, Kreative Mindz has a hair accessory they call a goddess wrap™. Goddess Hair wraps are one of the favorite things that they make, says Aly. "Named because that is the way you will feel when your hair is all wrapped up in a beautiful fabric! (At least that is how I feel!) Plus it keeps your hair up and out of the way, and is stylish too!Whether you have short thin hair or big phat dreadlocks, this wrap is so versatile anyone could wear it!"

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