Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mommy and Me Boutique

Today's featured Etsy shop is the Mommy and Me Boutique which specializes in fashionable aprons for both adults and children. Corline, the shop owner is always searching for new designer fabrics based on the latest fashion trends and colors. These are no ordinary aprons; they are one of a kind and made with lots of attention to detail. Out of 150 aprons made by Mommy and Me, only one apron has ever been duplicated, and that was by special custom order. Her aprons are so cute! And they just fly off the shelves of a local boutique, Twigs, as well as her Etsy shop.

The pink on pink polkadot one (at left) is a fun apron, with extra long ties that can tie in front or in back, which can't help but add to Christmas merriment.

This adorable little girl's apron (on the right) is reversable for a different look. There's red checked gingham on the back. Makes me want to snap it up, and I would if I thought red could compete with pink and lavender, but those being the child's favorites I'm shopping for, I will resist, barely.

I had no idea my son was so smart when he was little! Apparently minky is a name for a type of velvet. This baby blanket is made from pink and chocolate minky velvet on one side and pink satin on the other side. How lush! Your baby can't help but love the feel of these two fabrics. Why is my son so very clever? Because he called the blanket he carried around a "minky." (If he's reading this now he'll know for sure I'm off my rocker, digging up that old stuff.) But I digress!

You will just love the great stuff in this shop, and go check out the Etsy shop and Mommy and Me Boutique's blog too. Corline's a part of the 90-day challenge, so you will see why you need to spend some time there.

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thank you Dream On; I love your writing style, full of energy and enthusiasm! Great feature!

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