Tuesday, December 11, 2007

W.O.W. WyredOnWire

Alicia Weeks is the owner of Wyred on Wyre . She is from St. Stephen, New Brunswick in Canada. Alicia was given a beading kit at age 8, and in that moment, she began discovering her passion. She was born in April, and traditionally the birthstone for April has always been diamonds, but on her blog, I got the impression she decided that she didn't like that so much and liked more color. I know the feeling; the birthstone for my November birthday is topaz, and I always thought it was the ugliest one. Then smoky topaz and blue topaz started showing up. Those, I think, are much more attractive.

Shown above is the pendant for a necklace called "My Crazy, Kaotic Life" which is made of sterling silver and rose quartz, kiwi, purple jasper, cherry quartz, and some other pink and purple stones in the 20-inch chain.

Here's pretty one called "Blue Twisted Love." (Hmmm, wonder if there's a movie by that title. Doesn't sound probable they would rate it a PG movie. But then I jumped the track. )Back on course, the necklace is made with green and blue beads and has a large faceted glass heart.

Now this is different! It's a bracelet called "Uncolored Bracelet." (Don't let the kids see anything called uncolored. You'd be amazed just how quickly those crayolas would get used here!) This bracelet is made with sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, and handmade paper beads coated for durability.

Each piece designed in her shop is unique and original. Alicia, who is a mother of two, is a member of Etsy Moms Street Team and Etsy Bags.

You can find Alicia's shop and blog at these links:


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