Sunday, February 17, 2008

Allyon67, 90 Day Challenge Feature

Artist's Statement by Pamela Miller:

"I feel that creating art is a way of sharing your soul with others. As you will see in my artwork: sometimes I am very flamboyant and always colorful, sometimes confidant and peaceful, other times angry or chaotic. I think all of my emotions; passions come out in my works. Sometimes I layer it on thick (paint and words) and other times I flirt with the canvas with light feathery strokes. My art reflects my beliefs in love, warmth, generosity, loyalty, and honesty. I’m inspired by science, fantasy, martial arts, architecture, and nature (especially water)."

Red Tulips by P. Miller

Pamela Miller is the Etsy shop owner of Allyon67 who operates out of Maryland.

Medusa by P. Miller

Saki Sun by P. Miller

Art by Pamela Miller can be found at:

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