Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Gloria Wilson from Etsy Shop, Glory2727 is my featured artist today.

The painting on the right, Field of Daises, is a good example of the containment, contraction and expansion design format using traditional subject matter.

Gloria, like myself, has learned a lot of new skills since joining Etsy. It sounds like, from what I read, that From My Brush is Gloria's second blog and that she learned everything she needed to know about setting up her Etsy shop afterwards. It was the other way around for me. Etsy was my first solo foray setting up anything other than a mailbox on the internet. I have worked with computers for a long time unlike Gloria whose daughter got her started by buying her a computer within the last 5-10 years. Both of us can see the benefits of new learning experiences and challenges.

Says Gloria, "My learning experiences with etsy began immediately. My writing skills began to improve by writing my profile, descriptions of my items for sell, and store policies. I found many useful tips in the forum posted by different shop owners on making your shop inviting. Next I went on-line with Hewlett Packard's free classes. I took a course on using my digital camera beyond pointing and shooting. Next I learned how to download the pictures from my camera. Sizing the picturesbecame another lesson. Templates are used when uploading and require the proper setting in pixels in order to upload.

Shipping was the next lesson. Many vendors again posted to threads in our Etsy forums. It is there and Etsy's How To's that pointed my way to shipping. Also we learn from one another the best and reasonable suppliers for packaging and commercial supplies needed.My computer skills have grown. From the Etsy forums I gained short cuts and knowledge fromsplit screens to cut and paste to designing a banner.

The one thing I am most proud of is the fact that I have joined a wonderful community of shop owners, who can share problems and solutions in a forum They share ideas, and information."

This cute little guy on the right is entitled King of the Garden and is available as an ACEO in her shop.

Little Pink Flower Pot is the title of this piece, useful as well as pretty.

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