Monday, February 4, 2008

Deabus Amor

OK, I've been curious about the meaning of this shop name since I first started seeing it. So, Good Marketing to you! Sheika Lugtu says, "Roughly translated, Deabus Amor means 'Goddess of Love' in Latin. Though I am by no means a deity, I believe in sharing love and good-will through each item I create."

The bracelet on the right is made from polymer clay beads made to resemble fingerprints (as well as some translucent blood-red beads in between) and is named Smooth Criminal. Pretty funny, I think???

Sheika states, "Everything in my shop is handmade with the exception of prints. The paintings and photographs are original by me but I send a .pdf file to my printer for the prints."

Purple Tako Heart Sugar (at left)
"A strange name for a strange pendant, this purple endeavor features a crackled coil, bubbles and spotted swirls. Perfect for that indie/kitschy/
geeky fashionista in your life who would be delighted by a unique crowd-stopper."

She says she is friendly, and a little too loud, sometimes hyper and mostly crazy. Sounds like the definition of a fairly regular artist to me.

You will find Deabus Amor in these locations:

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