Thursday, January 31, 2008

CSerpent Comes Into The Blog!

Susan Estrada, from San Diego, is the owner of cserpent Designs where you can find uniquely designed and created watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other beaded items like bookmarks, cell phone straps, sun catchers, spiders and as she says, "whatever else looks interesting." Susan has some of her jewelry available at Gili Anna, a brick and mortar shop in La Jolla, CA.

The photo above is of a gorgeous bracelet that looks good enough to eat and is named Hot Cha Cha.
The photo below is a Blue Raku and Gold Letter Opener. (As in Miss Scarlett did it in the Library with the Blue Raku and Gold letter opener.) However I must say I don't think anyone would want to do any sort of nasty deed with this attractive piece. It's hard to imagine using it for anything but decorating a desktop that I am also imagining has beautiful stationery sitting on it in attractive boxes. I will have to imagine that desktop, because in the real world, mine has an assortment of piles, phone, monitor and keyboard, and stuff -- lots of stuff!

Susan says that the name for her business and Etsy shop came about because, "my husband nicknamed me Sea Serpent during our scuba diving days (picture a tall person in a purple and black drysuit with a pink flotation vest coming out of the water with big black fins on her feet ... yep sea serpent fits!). He even got me a sea serpent stamp to use for my "signature" on my hand made cards. Since I couldn't fit seaserpent on a license plate I changed it to cserpent and I've been using that for my business name ever since."

That brings us to "Tilly" the multi-purpose turquoise spider shown in the next photo. Apparently she can be worn in various manners. Susan says, "I will attach her to either the barrette or pin or will add a split ring so you can hang her from a chain as a pendant. . . Let me know how you want to wear her and I'll fix her up before shipping."

Living on a lake, I can vouch for the realism involved, as the real ones seem to propagate really fast, and webs mask things which were actually vehicles the evening before. The little culprits are there waiting in the morning just hanging out, smiling as if to say, "Look what I just did." I wish our arachnids were pretty and turquoise, then I would have to admire them, bless their little hearts.

Please visit Susan to see more of her beautiful jewelry and unique items at:

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cserpentDesigns said...

Wonderful article! Thanks so much for writing about me and my designs!


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