Friday, January 18, 2008

Studio Marcy

I've decided that there would be two things would be wrong with going about my usual method here with StudioMarcy . First of all, here, things are teeny tiny; and teeny tiny things blown up big, bigger, biggest sometimes lose their cuteness the bigger they get. Just like with my artwork, small paintings CAN be blown up big, but to me they just don't look right. So I'm gonna keep the pictures small. Secondly, Marcy's stories are just too cute not to use them.
"Meet Anna Belle the Mermaid. She is from the South Seas, and that's why she has a double name. She also speaks with a Southern underwater accent. Which is okay, but because she tends to draw out her words a little bit more, she also tends to swallow a bit too much water at times. Anna Belle is a voluptuous siren, but rather petite."

Marcy Lamberson has been creating lampwork beads for seven years. She thinks of them as a cross between pottery and watercolors. She has worked in watercolors, and loves the transparency associated with layering colors, and says that glass has similar properties. One cannot visit her shop without picking up the "happy" vibes that live here. Marcy says, " I love happy things and my goal is to make my customers smile or grin when ready the descriptions and enjoying my art."

All of these cute little ones are dainty mini-charms which include a sterling silver loop all ready to attach to your favorite bracelet or whatever.

Marcy uses a 2000 degree torch to work with glass which mostly comes from Murano, Italy. She says, "Every piece is kiln annealed for durability." She teaches both private and group lessons in her sunroom, where little squirrels and birds in the outside world sometimes find their little images melted into beads with clothes on.

(Darn, why oh why did we not take the day trip to Murano, when we were in Venice? After coming back I'm seeing things I'd never seen before made from Murano glass.)

Marcy's been baking again! Doesn't this look good enough to. . . Aw crunch, there goes the dental work! Seriously, here's another cute story. "I have been busy baking again. This time it's a vanilla white cupcake with yummy blue berry frosting with fun pink, blue, green and purple sprinkles. It can be used as a large charm, a pendant or a decoration. I will wire it for you with a Sterling silver loop and split ring, so all you'll need to do is add a chain/necklace or maybe attach it to a bracelet as a charm. It's a little over a half inch tall.Thanks for visiting my bake shop. I know these would make great birthday presents, artistic mini ornaments, or just a cute little way to say that you're happy with the world right now"

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Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Hi Mary,
What a fun blog post. Thanks so much for featuring me!

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