Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Rose By Name

This beautiful antique-looking bracelet was created by weaving individual verdigris colored Japanese triangle beads into a band and then embellishing them with galvanized yellow gold Delicas and copper/iris Japanese seed beads that were woven into a lacy net pattern along the edges. The toggle is a handmade beaded bead using the same three styles of beads that are within the bracelet.

Anna, the owner of A Rose By Name , says that her Etsy shop got its name because first of all, she was one of those kids who actually enjoyed studying Shakespeare and one of her favorite quotes is, "That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." from Romeo and Juliet. She says, "The other reason is that it was my mom's favorite flower as well as a variation of her name and it's in her memory."

Anna began beading with her two daughters years ago, and has continued, and although her daughters no longer do any beading, they do enjoy wearing her creations. As she's gotten more experienced, the beads have gotten smaller and the designs more intricate.

Anna says, "The colors truly glow in this 2 1/2" votive candle holder which is surrounded in peyote stitched Delica beads in cherry red, emerald green, midnight blue and royal purple with accents in cream and gold and gold seed beads top and bottom. These votive holders take many days to create as every bead is individually stitched into my own original patterns. There are well over 4,000 beads in each piece."
"This gorgeous necklace was created by stitching individual links using the peyote beadweaving technique and then meticulously linking them together. The colors are a range of sea colors from deep blue green to stormy gray Delicas. Each link consists of 64 beads woven together and there are 110 links for a total of 7,040 beads! This necklace was truly a labor of love! "

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Thank you so much Mary! That was such a nice post!

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