Monday, January 28, 2008

Quirkynberkley. . . How so?

Today's featured shop is Quirkynberkley. Right away I clicked on the peacock card, because I've had some experience with peacocks. They are so strange, silly even, and yet so beautiful -- the idea of having to haul around that incredible tail, no wonder they have those strong, strong-looking legs. Besides, peacocks are complicated. They have feathers that are irridescent, and well, Quirky has done a lovely card.

Quirkynberkley's name is actually Carol, and she does live in Berkeley. She's on the following street teams: Etsy Irish, CCCOE, EtsyGreetings, BEST, BBEST, EtsyPaper.

"Love paper. Love color. Love Berkeley. Love Etsy."
Happy girl!

Carol says she, "has always loved playing with it (paper, that is). Been making cards since I was 7 or 8. Inspiration? I like to find a focal point and explore all the different things I can do with it. I'm inspired by the capacity of humans to create art, to take disparate elements and bring them together to create something unique and new."

Up to this point, Carol's cards have all been created without the aid of a computer. Says Carol whose background is in publishing, "I have a strong sense of modular layout that governs the general layout of all of my work. More interestingly, though, I think it's the paper or stamp that I'm working with. Sometimes it takes several days of looking at something before I decide exactly how I want to use it. I'm also a fan of trying traditional paper engineering techniques like various folding and cutting techniques that reflect the culture in which they originate.

I got started in my craft when I became ill and found I needed a hobby. I discovered rubber stamping, and moved from there to all sorts of other paper engineering techniques such as origami and dry embossing, as well as scrapbook-style cards. I'm interested in learning the gocco style of screen printing."

Go and visit Carol (Quirkynberkley) at these sites:

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