Thursday, January 3, 2008

Coconut Palm Designs

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere, and this sign just has that laid back flavor that reminds me of the song. I can hear Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson singing now. (Makes me want to be there too. )Alas, the sign is available to customize if you don't live in Jamaica.

Joanne, owner of Coconut Palm Designs, is a Canadian living in Belize who is a graphic designer that now specializes in making signs out of wood native to Belize, whether hardwood or softwood. Parts of them are carved out by Dremel, and parts have been hand-painted. Signs are Joanne's latest creative venture. This one is hung by a ribbon, braided with wire for durability has been sprayed with an acrylic spray to protect it against whatever the elements can dish out.

Two examples of lovely ACEOs created by Joanne.

Help Joanne carry on with the fine, high adventure of living the life of a Stranger in a Strange Land by visiting her at:

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CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Thanks for the great feature!

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