Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giftbearer, Pippit Carlington, Setting Trends in 2008

Giftbearer, Pippit Carlington says, "The name of my business really is a way of life for me. I wanted to choose a name that summed up in a nutshell what I'm about and described the purpose behind the jewelry I make. For me making jewelry is more than art-for-art's-sake, it's a way for me to contribute something to others on a level that connects as a call-to-action. I believe that every action we make in the world has a ripple effect for better or worse."

Pippit has been making jewelry seriously since her now 24 year-old son was born. She says she had never really thought making jewelry could be her career until that time. She has progressed through working in wood to using copper and soft solder, then to beadweaving, and several years later went on to study at the Atlanta Jeweler's School and Studios to learn traditional metalworking techniques. In 2000 she became officially licensed, and since that time as worked at jewelrymaking full-time. Her work has consistently been sold in stores in Atlanta and at juried and non-juried shows.

The Hint At Something Deeper necklace, above, "is very special and one-of-a-kind. It took many hours to complete. You are sure to be noticed from across the room with it on. Watch for it in Ornament Magazine!"

The Leafhearted-Fine Silver Violet Leaf Earrings are set with beautiful amber cabochons. Such a wonderful contrast would look good with almost any coloring.

Pippit says, " I see myself as an ambassador and tend to act in that capacity in everything I do whether it is serving on a board for some political or social issue such as disability rights or in touching the heart with certain types of art to gain the acceptance of certain styles, materials, and techniques, and to promote a living wage for artists who seek to make their living through their art."

We, who have been a part of the 90-day Challenge, have Pippit to thank for instigating and shepherding this effort in order for the participating artists, and Etsy indirectly, to have the opportunity to benefit from the enhanced publicity, and to make contacts and friendships with others, hopefully resulting in increased sales. Thank you for all you have done in this regard, Pippit.

Here Pippit tells us how she found out about Etsy, and gives us another reason to admire her and to regard Etsy more highly. "I heard about Etsy soon after Hurricane Katrina when I was looking for some way to contribute proceeds to the survivors when I came across something on Google about Crafters United and what they were doing to organize artists to contribute to the fund to benefit those who were displaced and needed help. I contacted them and found that they were selling the items that had been donated on Etsy. Several things of mine sold right away, so then I opened up an Etsy store of my own."

Giftbearer can be found at these locations:
Mindt (items available in this store soon)http://www.mintd.com/stores/show/148-Giftbearer

Pay Pippit a visit soon to see more beautiful jewelry. Also she is announcing a new promotion:

"The first 3 people to purchase $40.00 or more in an order from me will receive a FREE pair of earrings in their package. I will begin making an assortment of different styles and colors now and then post pictures on Flickr so that buyers can choose the pair they want. They will be described beneath each picture as "90/90 special offer". To receive this special, buyers must include the promo code 90/90 DreamON. I will also start doing this with selected other blog features, and each of those will have the store name (or an abbeviation) after 90/90 pertaining to the blog in which the offer appears. Only one offer to a customer please. Happy shopping, readers! You won't be disappointed!"

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