Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Witty Workshop

Valérie Parizeault, a Canadian Illustrator and designer from Montreal, is the owner of the Etsy shop named Witty Workshop. She is a graphic designer and an art teacher at times, and she also has another internet business known as Rose Flash which spotlights her playfully-spirited jewelry.

Valerie states, "I am truly living my dream life as an artist with my husband-cherie by my side and my black cat Tokyo (nicknamed minou)." She describes herself as a treehugger, a chocolate passionate, a coffee conoisseur, a French Canadian, a daydreamer, a wannabe yoga wiz and a good cook.

The Best Friend Series, her latest, features limited edition paints of her childhood pal, Merguez the Doxie, and is printed on 11 x 8 1/2-inch Archival quality Hanemüle FineArt paper with a white border included for perfect framing. Other pets in the series are a ferret, a bunny, koi fish, and the above-named cat whose name is Tokyo. Below is the Tea Party Postcard Set.

Here are some of the things Valerie loves followed by those she has a strong dislike for: She loves Feist & Coral Egan (singers), reading really late, antiques of all sorts(she collects them), all things graphic design-related, especially typo, shoes, graphic patterns, blogging and taking pictures. She dislikes the word hate, electronic cords, talking on the phone, the smell of celery, waiting in line, beer, over talkers and drama queens.

I am definitely with you on the love for shoes (but mine would be the kind you wear on your beautiful feet) and I also have a distaste for waiting (in line, in the doctor's office, for a table, for whatever. I say, "Why not be late! (Oh, just a little late). Then you never have to wait."

This illustration shown below is entitled "Cutting Rain" is an ACEO.

To find Witty Workshop go to:

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Valerie said...

ooo! thanks for this lovely feature! :)

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