Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today we are visiting Eva of Alilsumptinsumptin. She says that the name for her shop came as "a result of a humerous exchange between friends" (in other words, I guess, you had to be there). Too bad! Sounds like it coulda mighta made a good story.

I selected this beautiful bracelet to feature. I'll let Eva describe it herself, "The focal of this bracelet is a gorgeous heart bead torched by favorite Lampwork Artist, Janet Crosby. The bead is a turquoise blue decorated with cream swirls and dots. This special bead has been etched for a matte finish that is velvety soft to the touch.I embellished Janet's lovely heart with a double strand of top quality Grade A Blue Chinese Turquoise wheels and an assortment of all sterling silver components. It is signed with one of my sterling silver tags wire wrapped to the bracelet with a tiny Swarovski crystal. "

Two of Eva's passions in life are flower gardens and dogs. She's a pretty good photographer too. One segment of her blog showed photos of hummingbirds, which are not the easiest little birds to capture. Eva's also trained as a fashion designer, which I would imagine gives her a leg up when designing and selecting jewelry that she knows will look wonderful and have impact. The PAWS section of her shop features 100% of the proceeds being donated to the worthy cause named in the individual listing. The current pieces benefit The Humane Society of the United States and to Ferrets Unlimited.
"This Y style necklace features a lovely heart bead by favorite Lampwork Glass Artist, Janet Crosby. The heart is made of opaque black glass with white paw prints and is etched for a matte finish and a soft velvety feel.

White etched Lampwork beads by Sarah Friskey were added and enhanced with a modified herringbone weave. Other embellishments include Hill Tribe silver beads and Swarovski Crystals." Description by Eva.

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