Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today's Etsy featured shop is SparklyStrandz.

When asking how SparklyStrandz was named, Jamie responded, "One of my most favorite movies when I was little was an old animated movie called The Secret of Nimh. The funny bird called the "ruby-thingy" that everyone wanted, we called, "The Sparkly", and growing up my sister and I would call anything that we liked a "sparkly". When I started my business, I put "sparkly" together with "strandz" (b/c beads come on strands usually) and there it was!! (I just had to put the Z to be different). "

Babies are fascinated with their mom's hair, their earrings, their glasses, anything that is within reach. So Sparkly Strandz has come up with the "nursing necklace." It's an OK thing for baby to grab onto. Jamie says, "The pendant is made into a loop style that baby can grasp, and tied in a continuous piece of organza ribbon to prevent the beads from being able to fall off. These necklaces are not meant to be a replacement for a teether toy. Even though babies are small, they can bite down rather hard and accidents can happen, so please supervise when wearing."

Jamie earned her master's degree in Occupational Therapy, and she has sometimes been able to incorporate crafts and beads into therapy with her patients. She is mother to two small children (13 months, and 2 1/2). She is enjoying staying at home with them while they are young. This gives her some time to continue with her jewelry business that she loves.

Does this look like something a little cupid would be wearing for Valentine's Day? "This is a darling handmade crochet onesie that will fit 0-3 month size (depending on if you have an itty-bitty or a chub cub). It is meant to be worn over a plain little cotton onesie as a "dress-up" diaper cover. It has a back flap that buttons for diaper access-you just slip it on over baby's head like a regular onesie. This looks so beautiful in pictures, and is a wonderful keepsake item that can be passed along," says Jamie.

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