Saturday, January 5, 2008

Paulette Insall Mixed Media Artist

Preparing for this feature has been soooo much fun! Being an artist myself, I really enjoyed watching Paulette paint - in her YouTube videos that also appear on her blogs. In addition was the choice I made to listen to the music she listens to while painting, which I did and loved, because that is also an option on Paulette Insall Mixed Media Artist (just one of her blogs). She has the coolest widgets on her blogs that to my way of thinking makes her a techno-genius as well as a super artist. Like I said, I really enjoyed myself while I was getting ready to write, and I could have hung around a lot longer, but I really needed to get on with it!!!!

I chose to include Paulette's print (above left) entitled Choices, because I liked the story behind the painting. It's the old "behind door number one is. . ." (only in this case it's window number one), and according to Paulette's story, the windows represent life's choices. She says, "If I had made different choices, would I have become what I am today? No, I wouldn’t.The heartaches, the suffering, the ups, the downs…they all made me the person I am. I wouldn’t have the life I have now without them…and I wouldn’t change a thing."

To the right is an original painting entitled Pondering. This painting has a beautiful softness to it and is inspired by the artist's son, and her realization of how the time we have with our little ones passes in the blink of an eye. She says, "Being a mom, there are many special moments with my son that I cherish, but some of the things I cherish and reflect on the most are the every day things….talking with my son about what happened at school that day, bedtime stories, coloring, playing games…things that I know that all too soon will just be memories."

This Portland, Oregon artist has been involved in creative activities since she was a child, but was not a painter until much more recently. She says that she dreamed of painting and from the looks of what's in her shop, she dreamed these paintings, planning well ahead. Very cool.

Blessings is the title of the painting on the bottom right. The story behind this one is, "Many times we don’t see all the blessings we have in our lives. While some are obvious, many come to us in disguise. Some may not seem like blessings at first, but in time they reveal themselves. God fills our lives with so many blessings…whether or not we choose to see them is up to us."
Her philosophy of life, really, is very well expressed in her Artist's Statement. "My art is about the search for connection…to self, to like minded spirits, to family, and to God. Most of my work depicts a sole woman because these are the stories of my own personal search and the emotions they invoke within my soul. My hope is that the visual stories I create with my art touch people from all walks of life and let them know that they are not alone…and find comfort in that knowing. " This is beautifully expressed in her artwork. One can sense mood and substance from her paintings and know that this is a person with depth.

To see some of what Paulette Insall has available for us to behold, please enjoy the following sites:

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beautifully written post on beautiful artwork from Paulette - thanks for sharing your insights!

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