Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cigarbox Beads

Marilyn G is the beadweaver/owner of Cigarbox Beads. Interesting facts behind her shop name are that she once found and bought some cigarboxes at a flea market over 20 years ago that were full of vintage beads. Says Marilyn, "It was the beginning of an addiction! Now I have almost a room full of beads---no exaggeration--when I need something- I go 'shopping' in my bead room! ;>) I do get carried away and buy more beads when something catches my eye---or I don't have it in my humongous supply! ;>)

Can anyone reading this, identify with the art and crafters hoarding syndrome described here? Oh, my! Just keep me away from the art supply, the paper supply, the superstore disguised as a fabric shop, and those big box crafting stores; because I will be in there for hours on end, drooling!
Paterkillars brings a smile to my face. "What's that you say?" Paterkillars is what Marilyn's grandchildren made of the word, "caterpillars." Reminds me of "gotfor," "sissen"and "cacaboose" which were my kids' talk for "forgot," "kitchen" and "caboose."

Anyway, Paterkillar Beaded Beads Necklace is eight of these paterkiller beaded beads strung together on a leather string. A totally interesting necklace!

In real life, Marilyn is a retired home-ec teacher whose hubby is recouperating from a stroke. I wish them the best and hope the rehab goes well and the recovery is amazing.

Twisted Garden Path Choker shown at right.

Marilyn says, "Beadweaving is my joy, along with knitting, crocheting, sewing AND being with our twin grand daughters. Not at the same time though, they love to 'help'! We do have 'crafting time' every day that I watch them, so I hope I'm instilling the love of creating in them."

Oceana Blue Amulet shown at left.

Be sure to visit Marilyn at Cigarbox beads shop and blog and at her new shop suchandsort---which came from an acquaintance of Marilyn's, who instead of saying etcetera--she said-- 'suchandsort'!

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cigarboxbeads said...

thank you so much for featuring me! Your blog is great---and I'm an 'arts and crafts hoarder', too--as well as beads! What a club we could have! ;>)

thanks again--

marilyn g

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