Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Notes and Pieces - Painting A Day

This painting is entitled Notes and Pieces. You may notice it is unsigned on the front. Abstracts are often left unsigned in order that the purchaser can display it in any direction. That said, this is my preferred view, but people's tastes are so varied. I have put this painting up in my Etsy store, DreamON. You can click on the picture to get to my shop to see purchase info.

This weekend we flew to Oregon to see my DHLM. (That's code for my dear husband's loving mother.) It takes all day just to get there and another whole day to return. I may be feeling like buzzard bait by Monday morning. (I'm such an optimist!) My diurnal clock is going to be on Eastern Standard Time no matter what. Four days is just not long enough to reset. This morning I was wide awake at 2 am (oh joy!). I have a feeling that four hours of sleep is going to make me a very grumpy companion for the day. Help me to keep my mouth glued shut, lest I say something I shouldn't.

Once when we went to Amsterdam, I was sooo tired by the time we got there after that long flight. I just had to sleep, no matter what we were told about staying up until our normal bedtime. Then I stayed awake for days! There was a church very closeby that had truly amazing chimes, but they went off every fifteen minutes. I would tell myself, as I tried to go to sleep, "You have 15 minutes to go to sleep, surely you can be asleep before they go off again." Ten minutes later I would be telling myself, "The bells are going to go off any second, might as well wait until they go off to sleep." Then I would listen intently. Well, this went on for two nights, until finally I found a music channel on the TV to drown out the incessant sound. As beautiful as the sound of a carillon is, it can also be overwhelmingly annoying as a sleep-aid.

Who ever said that one of the requirements for being an artist was sanity? (VanGogh might be able to tell us something.)

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Anonymous said...

Mary - I love this painting. So nice to touch base and enjoy your new work. Phyllis

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