Monday, May 19, 2008

Some Kind of Music

It's about time! Sometimes a painting just paints itself, and this one did.

Introducing Some Kind Of Music.

I just scraped the blue on with my palette knife, and then mixed up some pretty yellows - one cool and one warm, added the peach and painted the sides, and I thought it looked happy. The colors are just that pleasing. I had in mind that this was just a step on the way to somewhere else, but I was pretty contented with just this much.

I laid some bubble wrap down and waited for it to dry, and when it did I tried a couple of things for a focal point right where the bubble wrap pieces came together. I wiped a few of them off before I was satisfied with the treble clef. Then I did a couple of steps to embellish/obscure it, and I'm happy. I just think I like this painting. Some Kind of Music was sold on Etsy almost immediately after I put it on last evening. Yay!

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