Saturday, May 31, 2008

Treasury at Last - My First

Doing a Treasury on Etsy has been one of my goals for a long time. I read The Storque article on how to create a Treasury, came up with an idea for a theme, and eventually put together a Poster Sketch featuring a number of shops. My theme is Zest of the Nest, a rather appropriate springtime idea that I thought would make a nice Treasury.

Here's where the catch lies: my timing was never too keen. For a long time the magic number would come up about the time I was cashing in my chips for the night. Now I checked my Poster Sketch from time to time to make sure all of the items were still popping up. Every now and then I had to replace one, because it was no longer there, so I figured all of the rest were still available. :)

Yesterday the magic number came up twice!!!!! You can imagine how excited I got, after all I had been hanging onto this Poster Sketch now for about a month and a half. OK, so the first time the number dropped to 333 before my very eyes, my internet server went down. Yeah, it really did.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at the Treasury that evening, and the magic number was at 340. So I sat there, laptop glued to my lap, waiting until the number dropped to below 333. Then there it was, a spot to name my Treasury! I thought I could somehow just grab the Poster Sketch and plunk it in; however, it seemed each number had to be inserted manually. I wanted to move fast, because I thought if I was too slow, the Treasury might yet get snatched away again. I felt so slow and clumsy as I copied each one into the little boxes, and finally I was done. The pictures were all there, and I had captured a treasury.

By the next morning I had started to get some feedback. It was all complimentary, but then the other shoe dropped! One of the commenters said that most of the items in my Treasury had been sold -- in April yet. Mortification struck me solidly right between the eyes. Oh, no!

Long story short: it's all fixed now, but the comments have ground to a halt. Oh well, it was my virgin run at a Treasury. Chalk it all up to another learning experience. One of these days I may just know a thing or two. Two days later, and it's gone!


Cathy said...

I had to laugh at your experiences on the treasury (in a nice way of course). I have managed to snag 4 now but I am well and truly addicted. One thing I do is to click on each picture of the poster sketch before I put it on the treasury page and that way I can see if the item is still for sale. If it has gone just check the rest of the shop because they will often have relisted the same thing again. It is a pity the treasury doesn't automatically reject sold items.

Anyway, love the blog. Your sense of vivid colour is amazing.

DreamON said...

Thanks for your comment, cathy. You can be sure I will be careful to check this out forevermore!

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