Saturday, May 3, 2008

Refreshments: Painting A Day

This week has been pretty much occupied with the preparations required for delivering 30 pieces of art to a couple of local venues serviced by the Creative Artists' Guild. These venues are part of the rotating art exhibits which the various participating artists of the guild fill from month to month. I have a two-month exhibit of my paintings in the Bel-Aire Cafe in Clearwater with three other artists and at Somers Title Company in Palm Harbor where my paintings are shown in a single-artist exhibit. These exhibits are in addition to locations where I exhibit year 'round at Studio 1212 Gallery in Clearwater, Grecko Grill in Madeira Beach and at the Artists' Guild Gallery in Holmes Beach. All of these locations are in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.
My new painting of the day, Refreshments, is an acrylic over watercolor on Arches Cold Press Watercolor paper. The dimensions are 12 1/2 x 15 inches. Click here for purchase information.
The technique I used was described earlier in the blog and is the same one used in Escape of the Little Boats and Spring Fling, the only difference being that I used a layer of watercolor first before negative painting in three succeeding layers of acrylics.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Thirty pieces!!?!!? That's a huge amount of work. The best to you for your exhibit time. The Guild sounds like a wonderful thing for artists in your area.

DreamON said...

Thank you Jean. It is a large amount to come up with at one time. Usually we do one venue at a time. Yes, each guild I belong to offers something different and special.

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