Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures of Spring

I lived in Colorado most of my life where Spring really is a season that doesn't exist. You have beautiful weather for a week, everyone has Spring fever, and then a big snow blows in. The blossoms fall off of the trees, and if you're not lucky, the leaves if the snow is late enough. Then the daffodils come out from under the snow, the grass has gotten amazingly green, and you think it just might be Spring. The cycle repeats itself all through the months of March and April, and by May -- maybe it will just rain instead of snow.

This last weekend we visited my husband's mother in Portland, Oregon. Everything is blooming there! In some cases, it actually looks really strange, because there are red blossoms covering a bush that are next to purple blossoms, next to yellow blossoms, next to pink blossoms. You would think that the backyard farmers would have given some thought to this when they planted, like thinking about what looks nice blooming next to what. Of course, we didn't take pictures of the overdone yards, just what we thought looked pretty.

Overall the mass of flowers is beautiful. I was on total floral overload , never having seen so many things blooming in the same place before. This wisteria was gorgeous.

The rhododendrons were simply amazing. Azaleas were everywhere. Even holly bushes had red berries on them. Camelias. Tulips. Wow!

Someone on Etsy recommended going to Silverton which we did. The Oregon Gardens were immaculate, and we enjoyed them very much. Thank you for the recommendation. My mother-in-law got tired, so we did not get up to the falls. Maybe next timeAnyway, after many hours traveling across the country by air and many other hours driving around Oregon and Washington, I haven't gotten myself back into painting form yet. I tried painting today and made mud. Since mud is a most unattractive part of Spring, I will spare you having to see it. Hope you will enjoy the flowers instead.

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