Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Colds Are The Worst

For the last week I have been battling this obnoxious cold that started in my chest. I haven't had too many colds in the last few years, so when I got one last fall it laid me low, and I can't believe I now have another one. Cooties, giant blue furry ones have descended upon my head. Blaaaahhhhh ! Yuckeeeeeeee! Eeeeeewwwwwwweeee! I hate being sick; it's such a waste of time! Needless to say it has slowed down my work, but I tell you what, I read in the Parade section of the newspaper this Sunday about some of the military who are coming home with horrible, horrible injuries and amputations to solve some of their problems. The ones featured go through these things and keep a great can-do attitude about it. That simply fills me with pride and admiration for them, and I feel like my complaining about a little cold is just soooooo pathetic.

After The Chick Fight

On to today's artistic project which was putting the final touches on something I started awhile ago, like so many of my projects. You might ask, why does she always have some old, unfinished project sitting around. Well, it's because I have been taught to have multiple projects going on all of the time. The theory is that it keeps you looser (yeah, complicated art word) because you aren't so wrought up concentrating on one masterpiece at a time.

OK this is not the greatest title, but After The Chick Fight with its empty gold, ornate picture frames and assorted "altered" photos just reminds me what might happen in an extreme situation when two chicks become jealous of one another's interest in what else, a man. We have already heard on the news about one chick's trek across the country in diapers to exact revenge upon another. Havoc is wreaked when anyone loses control, and there is much damage in the fray here.

So anyway, my original mixed-media collage is built upon gessoed masonite, and I have now put it up in my Etsy shop so you can find out more info about it. Click here.

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