Monday, June 16, 2008

Tree Climber - Painting A Day

Tree Climber once again utilizes one of my favorite little animals, the little kitten. To use a kitten as a subject is completely natural for me, because I just love kitties.

I feel like I just might be getting back into the swing of the painting a day mode. Being sick with a stupid cold just absolutely laid me low, and it completely took any desire I had to paint. It exhausted me so that just the thought of painting made me want to run away. That combined with the fact that it's summer and has really gotten hot here.

A few years ago in my Experimental Painting class, we did some paintings called scrapings. The instructor cautioned us to save the paper towels we scraped the excess paint on. I saved it, and was able to utilize some of it in this painting for my collage materials. The tree in this painting is fabricated out of a drawing of black Sharpie poster paint marker, black permanent Sharpie marker and a Tombow gray pen. The background and sides were painted in a lovely light moonbeam yellow over which the drawing was made and the collage grew on.

This little 8 x 8 inch acrylic on canvas painting is available in my Etsy shop, DreamON. Click here for purchase details.

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