Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Autumn Leah Re-invented, Finds Better Way of Keeping Baby's Legs Warm

Autumn Leah, a jewelry maker on Etsy, lives in Dallas, Texas, and has opened a second Etsy shop which has now become her main focus. She is now clearing out her jewelry inventory in the Autumn Leah shop, and offering Free Shipping on purchases of any two items over $15.

Says Autumn, "I still love making jewelry, but with soooo many jewelry sellers on etsy, I needed another outlet for my creativity:) Wangly Legs has definitely been that for me and I am excited to see where it goes!"

Enter, Felicity's Boutique

As the mom of an active baby girl, Autumn has found creating things for her is not only special, but also gives her creative insight to what other items are needed in baby wear. She says, "When my little girl started crawling, I got her a couple pairs of leg warmers to protect her knees when she was wearing onesies. I loved them!" She discovered, however, the price tag of ready mades was high, and the handmade leg warmers all had big seams on the inside that rubbed her daughters legs. So after searching unsuccessfully online for a pattern with no seams she created her own pattern!

Autumn says, "The cuff along the bottom allows the seams to be hidden away without rubbing baby or leaving nasty marks and they look SUPER CUTE too! Next, I needed a name. My husband and I sat down and he came up with "Wangly Legs" and I knew right away that it was perfect! I don't know why I just knew. I remember being a little girl and my parents telling me that I had "wangly legs" so I decided it would be the name of my new cozy leg warmers."

She says that since Felicity's Boutique has opened, the Wangly Legs are selling quite well. Great thinking! Find a need and fill that need: Always the recipe for success.

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