Sunday, March 2, 2008

Citrus Tree

Today's featured Etsy shop is Citrus Tree.

Featured photo at left is "Stormy Swamp." Says Stacy Beck, the owner of Citrus Tree, "This is a 'Through the Viewfinder' photo. The scratches, flecks, black border,etc will be visible on the print. These artifacts lend to the beauty and charm of each print.

I have used an old 'Brownie' camera along with my trusty Canon digital...this is actually a picture of what is seen in the viewfinder of the Brownie. ...using this method contibutes to the vintage look & feel of the photo. "

To learn more about TtV Photography go to:

Into the Light - Original Photograph - Card (right)

BOARDWALK TO PEACE - Original Photography Fine Art Print (left)

Look for Citrus Tree Designs at:

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