Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finished Up One Fairy Shoe and New Art Too!

So this is how my Fairy-Kissed Fashion Slipper turned out when I got back into it today.

The background color is more of a burgundy than it shows in the photo. I needed to darken the background, because I noticed after studying it that the values were too similar. It helps to step back, in fact step away and take some time off, then come back with fresh eyes.

Also I had to go back in and work on the little fairy. I wasn't too happy with the way I left her last night.

Today I worked some again on a new "Fashion Diva." This one is on canvas, and she has a Western look. You'll get to see her when she's done. In the meantime, here is Adrienne, my daily art offering for today. She will be joining my Fashion Diva series section on Etsy.

Adrienne is a 15 x 7-inch watercolor fahion illustration with the line drawing done using a black Sharpie Poster Paint pen. The black on the sides is just Photoshopped in to make the illustration square, and I used black to make the paper look whiter. I need to figure out how to color balance the camera to make the paper look the color it is, but the illustration/painting is on Arches Cold Press Watercolor paper which is as I saw described somewhere else as "the good stuff."

Painting on lesser quality watercolor paper just isn't worth it. It makes this artist's temper flare to have to deal with paper that just won't handle the color like it should. Why risk a failure by using cheap, cheap paper? Not worth it!

Adrienne will be up on my Etsy shop (DreamON) this evening and available for purchase. Fairy-Kissed Fashion Slipper has now been sent up to Flourish Boutique in South Bend, IN for the grand opening in June.

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