Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun With String And Glue

So much fun today, making art!

I had been wanting to try this concept ever since I was introduced to it in a workshop. In the workshop it was presented as string between two layers of tissue paper. I wondered if it would work as string between a layer of watercolor paper and a layer of tissue paper. Eye Of The Ocean is the result.

The temperature of the piece is overall cool, and I wanted to add a splash of warmth as a focal point. I have spongy thing that my watch came in that makes a wonderful stamp, and I painted it and used it for the highlight.

I photographed this painting outside on the floor, and while putty isn't a horrible color for a background, I would like to see how it looks with other colors before making a final decision. I do think it should be floated in its frame, though. That way the strings hanging out on the side will show, and that's one thing that makes it a cool piece. In this photo, the strings show best at the top and bottom, but they exist on all four sides.

Eye of the Ocean is created on a 22 by 15-inch sheet of Arches Cold Press Watercolor. The materials used are gloss medium and varnish, acrylic paint, string and paper. When it dries fully I will use the gloss medium over all and take a look in a few days to see if I still want to keep it.


Margins. said...

Ooo...pretty :)

It is a quite calming piece.

DreamON said...

Thank you!

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