Sunday, March 30, 2008

Escape of the Little Boats

This is my painting of the day entitled Escape of the Little Boats. They escaped off of my brushes and out of the bottles of acrylic paint and landed on a piece of Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper that measures 8 by 16 inches. Now the little boats appear to be headed into cyberspace propelled by a vehicle known as my blog. So I say, "Gang Way," using a nice, nautical expression. Beware the little boats.

In order to create the escape, I first painted a gradated pattern of primary colors onto the paper. After letting that dry, I drew the foreground of little boats onto the paper. Then I used a techinique known as negative painting for the succeeding layers. This means that I painted the paper red and painted around the outside of the first little boats. After letting the red layer dry, I drew more little boats onto the red layer making sure to overlap the edges of the boats behind the first layer. Next I painted everything blue, again painting around the edges of all of the boats. When the blue layer dried, I again drew more boats. My next layer was a lighter blue at the top for the sky and a mid-blue for the water. As the paint was drying I blotted it with a wet paper towel which removed some of the paint and created some texture. At the end I added some finishing touches.

THIS PAINTING HAS BEEN SOLD. go to my shop which is located at for alternate choices. Enjoy!

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