Friday, March 7, 2008

Berry Beads Brings Badge Bling

The owner of Berry Beads on Etsy, Rosi, a native of Long Island, NY, says "I have always enjoyed crafts and was encouraged as a child to make gifts and things by hand whether it was crochet, embroidery, drawing, what have you. My latest passion has been designing jewelry, specifically Badge Lanyards. They are fun to make and also functional. My other hobbies are drawing, digital art, photography to name a few."

Shown on the right is the Wearing of the Green Badge Lanyard. The term lanyard sounded familiar to me, but I had no idea what it was; however, I have seen people wearing cords and such with keys and badges hanging from them. I just didn't know they had a name. I've learned a new word today. This is such an attractive lanyard, as lanyards go. (There now I've used it three times. That's supposed to mean "It's mine," as in "Use a word three times and it's yours." Or so "they" say.

Here are some really cute and different earrings. They are called, Fishy Earrings. Rosi says, "They are totally formed by hand using silver artistic wire so each one is slightly different. But that adds to the primitive look."

This item is a zipper pull which is a very attractive way of dressing up your zip-up sweaters, hoodies and things. It is called, Butterly Bling Zipper Pull Charm.

To find Rosie and her bling and things go to:

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Anonymous said...

Great beads art....

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