Thursday, April 24, 2008

Abandoned in the Fog

Today was my opportunity to gallery sit in the Artists' Guild Gallery of Anna Maria Island. It was apparent that the legions of tourists that frequent the island in "season" have abandoned us for the summer. Quiet would be an understatement.

I brought my travel watercolor kit just in case. This includes a small palette of Yarka watercolors (which are more than adequate for the job), some Viva paper towels, three watercolor brushes, some pencils for sketching, an eraser, a sketchbook and some watercolor paper. I also brought one of my packets of photos that I want to paint.

After an initial sale, there were some other guests numbering in total 15, and then it got very quiet, so I got out my stuff and began to paint a watercolor of a sailboat in total fog. Actually I think the picture might have been taken last summer when there were a number of fires in Florida and it was really smoke and fog, but it might have been just fog. Anyway the background of the photo was pretty much totally white, which I thought was a really cool effect.

I am calling this painting Abandoned In The Fog. The sailboat, moored on the lake near where we live, has obviously seen better days and is a stationery object, loved by birds as a roost. I kept wishing I would see someone come to love it, but after a year in that position, someone moved it closer to shore, and we can't see it any longer. Actually I loved having it in my line of sight, but oh, well.

I will put this painting up on my Etsy site. Click here.


Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Beautiful! I love boats in watercolour ~ off to look at your etsy shop!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful painting. I agree, the background looks cool.

Erin said...

What a beautiful painting! The tourists will be back and you will have very successful shows soon enough, since it's very clear that you're so talented in your work.

DreamON said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the fog painting.

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