Monday, April 28, 2008

I Haven't Disappeared

There are other facets to the art biz besides making art, and although that's what I'd rather be doing right now, the fact is I'm working hard doing some matting and framing for a couple of exhibits.

Although I haven't finished a new painting today, I thought I would put a new one up on the blog anyway. This one is called Can You Hear Me Now? It is an acrylic, marker and watercolor mixed media on watercolor paper. I started by using an acrylic heavy gel and just creating some texture on the paper. At this point I had no idea what I would be painting, and I let the paper dry and sit for about a week. The next time I looked at it, I just "saw" banana leaves, so the parrot seemed a natural fit for a subject. I drew these things on with a pencil to use the drawing for a roadmap before painting.

When watercolor goes on top of acrylic, it is very slick and moves around a lot, so the result is a nice loose painting. I love the colors in this painting. At the end, I did some outlining with a black marker to define form. There is a huge amount of texture in this painting that you just cannot see in the photo, but it's there -- all over the place.

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